Love Songs and Love Stories for Himig Handog 2018 Announced

Friday, October 05, 2018

Had the chance to listen to the top songs for Himig Handog 2018 this afternoon. Here they are in no particular order.

"Dalawang Pagibig Niya" by Bernard S. Reforsado interpreted by Sheena Belarmino, Krystal Brimmer and MNL48. It felt young, very KPOP-ish and easy to sing along.

"Hati na Lang Tayo" sa Kanya by Joseph Santiago, interpreted by Eumee. This one is heartfelt, hurt, very emotional. Eumee also belts this out in the chorus, pretty good. The composer said the one asking attention was the legal wife.

"Kababata" is composed by John Michael "Kritiko" Edixon, interpreted by Kritiko himself ft Kyla. Again another hurtful song but more like a rap song.

Interpreted by Janine Berdin, this one is composed by Mhonver Lopez and Joanna Concepcion, it's entitled "Mas Mabuti Pa". You could see this is another slow ballad type song, using the voice of the TNT winner to their advantage. It could well be used for a teleseryes, it could pass like that. This is an old song but the composer asked another composer if she could continue writing it (they are best friends) because it is on a woman's perspective.

Composer for this one is from Dubai, he's Robert William Peña. The song is called "Para Sa Tabi" and is interpreted by BoybandPH. It's very pop, boyband-ish and the lyrics are fun. I get a little annoyed about the sound of the chorus though.

JM De Guzman interpreted this one, it's called "Sa Mga Bituin Na Lang Ibubulong". It is composed by Kyle Raphael Borbon. JM sounds like a boy who would sing a heartfelt love song for someone he adores. It's so cool to listen to, it could pass as a song for spas and massage centers, make you feel good and sleep in that little corner your boyfriend has under his arms.

"Sugarol" is composed by Jan Aldrile Sabili and is interpreted by Maris Racal. It felt like something you would listen to while you're flying over several mountain ranges while you are looking for the love of your life. It's like she's trying to find that one true love. The composer says this is about her personal experience, she says she was in the state of falling in love but she was hesitant. Maris says "When I heard this I loved the lyrics, I do this too so it is a really good opportunity to get to sing this song because a lot of people would be able to relate to it."

I think this is the first time Jona is interpreting a song (not), it's called "Tinapos Ko Na" which is composed by Sarah Jane Gandia. Again it is very emotional, thinking of a relationship if it is true or not, and being afraid to fall, but still hopeful. Quite nice because she has runs. She says "I guess the way I sing is because of the inspirations I got from my idols Regine and Jaya. The song has a line and lyric that has reminded me of relationships, a very challenging material because it's got less vocal acrobatics. I get really challenged with restrained songs."

The next one is called "Wakasan" composed by Philip Arvin Jarilla and performed by band Agsunta. This song is about hopeful love, about waiting forever and not even caring how long that takes lol. It sounds a little bit like country. Things that Garth Brooks would sing, but in a very band setting. The composer says this song is from that old Filipino comic called Wakasan, but it is an open ended song.

Sam Mangubat interprets this next one called "Wala Kang Alam" which is composed by Mel Magno and Martin John Arellano. It's a slow hurtful ballad, about lost love and setting them free. It also felt like it is full of regrets, and the other person clueless about how much you've hurt. The composer said it was his way to get back with his ex's, about men, relationships and the hurt he's felt. It's his real life experience. He doesn't move on from pain as an artist and he pulls emotions from that. He's gay but it also applies to heterosexual relationships.

Jonathan Manalo says "These songs are based on real life, stories that are relateable and put into a song. These are the next ones in radio, film or TV."

Roxy Liquigan adds "We had 5000 songs to listen to and had to cut it down several times until we reached 10. If you ask us how true this is we had one song that was sung initially by 10 year old kids, we had the interpreters chosen by us, all for those who would be on top of mind so we got teens to do it too. We focused a lot on the appropriate artists, we got what we wished for and this year you'll see an even bigger, current showcase of songs. We know these will be BIG hits!"

Who will you be choosing? Which is the best one?

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