AOC/Philips Outlook on Monitor Market in the Philippines

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Philips/AOC Launches E and V Line of Monitors

This is something you would want to look forward to if you are an ESport fan or just working in your office cubicle. AOC and Philips just launched a new line of monitors that would be perfect for your gaming needs or even professional use. I often use them in spreadsheets and real time monitoring of social media so I’m not new to their brand.

“Good morning everyone, thank you for coming to our event. We’ll give you an overview of what we released this month. The global market from 2010 to 2018 is declining together with personal computers, but this year we grew 1.5% prolly because of ESports which is going to be part of the Olympics pretty soon. A lot of people are into ESports, even establish school labs. The growth is attributed to us in the non bundle market, we do not have laptops or desktops but have a lot of government shipments worldwide who want us to be part of their system. It’s not because of business doing well on unbundled LCD monitor market, but a large part of this is the Department of Education project. The market is better than other countries who do double digit drops, the forecast is promising though because it is still 35% market share. This is why we are bringing in new products in the market, to see how we get new products aside from monitors.” Kan Yeung of AOC/Philips said.

Regional Product Manager of Philips Paul Tsai says “We want more market share in the Philippines, while delivering Professional, Performing Product. Better is always happening and we want life to be better than before... and these monitors look better. Better contrast value, you see more details, vivid color, better brightness, like HDR so you can see something as close as what your eyes can see in the real world. Your monitors, devices, xbox, ps4, chromecast and Roku all have HDR and other standards in the market. They provide this and is the next big thing of displays. The new generation of Philips monitors are the 1st Vesa PC HDR 400 certified 4K2K Display. It’s got superb video quality, DTS Surround Sound and much like a theater. It’s got better color even on our Ultra Wide Color E9 because of it’s vivid true to life colors and gets higher number of colors, wider color gamut which happens only on our ultra wide color monitors. We also have them with more curvature ratio, uses AMD FreeSync for smoother gameplay. This can be also used for commercial purposes, it’s reliable even in a hostile call center environment. We also have the new V7 model to protect your eyes (flicker free) which is good for businesses that use it all day long. It’s also got edge to edge glass so you see a lot on your documents in an office setting. It’s better performance, design and applications, all from Philips monitors. (They are referring to V Line Model Number 223V7QHSB, the E Line Model Number 248E9QHSB and 328E9QJAB)”

For those who want a piece of the monitors, Philips and 20th Century Fox also has just partnered up, so every purchase of 24 Inch monitors (and up) will get them a free ticket for BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY at the Directors Club in SM Megamall , 8:30PM and will be legendary. This will be shown on October 31. Philips hopes to rock your world in Cebu and Davao too, and it will happen very soon!

Congratulations in your launch AOC/Philips!

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