Let’s Talk About Dreams and Your Valuable Time

Monday, October 08, 2018

Do you every dream owning your own home?

I do, but in this day and age, it’s just so difficult to fund your dreams, and sometimes you just feel it’s impossible. I have never lost hope because I don’t really have much dreams for myself, but more of for my loved ones who I feel deserve the best life can offer.

Being a blogger at this day and age isn’t easy. One whole day could mean I’d have to cover 4 events that take around 3-4 hours to do, to be in different locations in Metro Manila, then add to that the commute I’d have to endure from Quezon City, to Makati, to BGC and back - almost everyday just to keep you guys updated about the latest happenings in the metro. Who wouldn’t be insane with that kind of schedule then meet deadlines, people who ask favors plus providing for your own home. You would have learned that it would’ve been better if you lived nearby these cities than be pained to use public transport that is just as inefficient as ours in the country, many would’ve just given up just with the hours. Imagine how many hours I’ve wasted in traffic, just like any Filipino for that matter.

Nowadays, getting a loan in banks takes so long - and with the long hours I spend going to events and publishing them online, how in the world could I even breathe and consider making that huge step of getting a home loan for my family? Can you imagine what that would do in other usual banks? With the amount of time you sometimes need to get decisions, you’ll also lose the ability to secure that dream home, condominium or spot you’ve always wanted. I wouldn’t have known that there’s a better way to do it, saw online that PS Bank could actually approve loans in just 1 day!

Knowing that, I’d have to ask you now, what can you do in one day? I could write about 4 stories, drink 2 large cups of coffee, attend one event perhaps... PS Bank on the other hand could decide not just a loan, but your whole future. They are in the industry that helps, imagine how many families they would be able to get their own homes just because they’ve decided on it fast - how many properties can they choose with their realtors if that happened? Your guess is as good as mine. If it’s more efficient, you’re given a far better alternative than those banks that take ages to approve, I’d take their word for it.

They are a part of the well experienced Metrobank group, a solid banking corporation in this side of the globe. Try giving them a call or visit their website https://www.psbank.com.ph because it’s all there. My dream might become a reality because of it, give it a go!

No wasted time, that is priceless!

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