The New Sky On Demand Box

Thursday, October 18, 2018

It looks like a brighter future for Sky Cable as they continue to evolve aside from just plainly being a cable box, they went ahead and introduced the SKY On Demand Box which not only serves as your regular cable digibox, but also have built in Netflix and YouTube in it. What does this mean for ordinary consumers? The ease of switching to online content is as easy as a press of a button, with no need of going to another gadget in the comforts of your own home.

This is primarily still a cable product but the access to Netflix and YouTube is just going to be making your library endless. These are built in apps so no need to install, no trouble of using your cellphone and has a personal video recorder, which you can use for your consumption. It only costs Php 1,999.00 (one time fee) and is going to be available in Metro Manila in that introductory price.

Joy from Sky Cable says "They use cable as bonding time and these days Internet content has been loved and is seen as change in the ways Filipinos consume content, this is why we are launching the Sky On Demand box. It makes you enjoy live cable viewing and stream apps in the same box with Sky On Demand, YouTube and Netflix in it. You can explore the features like recording so you don't miss a show, it also has schedules for the next 7 days, also picture in picture so you won't miss the show in the other channel if you need to. You can also record multiple shows at the same time, plus use the remote app so you can watch shows and do private listening, turning your gadgets into a powerful device. Our Target market is still the same cable subscribers but more so with those who want online content. Preferrably they need HDMI connection so they can get the higher quality of videos, it's a one time upgrade that you just have to pay once and you can get all those things even if you don't have a smart tv."

Jerome of Sky adds "We have Netflix and YouTube built in so you can switch with other content in a cinch. You can stream live channels, access better channels and do multiple screen displays so you can catch up on TV shows and watch others at the same time. As long as you are a cable subscriber you can access it on your gadgets. Also on or apps on Google Play and the App Store. The app is also free to download and you will be able to view channels online as the same with what your package includes."

Again, you need Internet connection for this to work so they have One Sky for that or if you have an existing internet connection, it can also work with that, running on minimum requirements to work like 5mbps so you can get that HD quality you are looking for.

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