10 Reasons to Watch All Souls Night

Monday, October 29, 2018

Watched the movie All Souls Night this evening and I can’t wait to give you reasons why you should watch this film. It’s Andi Eigenmann’s comeback movie and she really hasn’t lost touch of her caliber in acting.

Here are my observations:

1. Pacing is slow, they take time building on the identity of the characters. Sheila is a house maid, and just got to this creepy place where the story starts.

2. It’s full of scary people, you’ll meet them while the story goes on. But they are not monsters, not all that is.

3. I think it would be bad for claustrophobic people, the tight shots never end.

4. There will be lots of blood. 

5. I think they really did the pacing slow so when you get to the end you’ll be at the edge of your seats. (That remains to be seen)

6. They don’t pay their Meralco bill, all their lights flicker in this house.

7. Dinner was good, especially on their table. Silly parts, but you get to feel what they were dealing with.

8. This must be all an imagination, so don’t expect much. I think it is more of a thriller than a horror film. There is a difference.

9. You’ll wonder who they get vegetables and groceries from.

10. The movie’s theme song should be “No Air” by Jordin Sparks. They all feel so helpless. 

So for those who would want to see this film, lower your expectations, it’s story based - rather than to shock, frighten and awe. Go to the cinemas and find out why I said these things, maybe you’ll like it for it’s merits and how it was made. Rated PG 13 but I think it should be okay to have this be watched by kids but of course movie houses won’t let them in.

I like it, a little. I was tired when it ended.


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