MEGA Sardines Does Touching #MegaGandaAngBuhay Shorts

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Award winning Director and PR Maven Chris Cahilig just came out with a new short film called “Tipidity” for household brand Mega Sardines as they introduce #MegaGandaAngBuhay. They are probably going to do a few but I like this slice of life pov, it reminds us how we all take effort to have a hearty meal even in a very quaint simple setting. I bet most of you probably have a can of sardines in your pantry, it’s also probably one of the basics you often get at the grocery counter. Even at that price point, it gives you comfort, a trait that spanned generations and I also bet, you still do it now.

“Tipidity” talks about a husband and wife, newlyweds who go through hardships of life, their economic status, showcases the resilience of the Filipino family. Headlined by indie actors Karl Medina and Kia Del Rosario who in this film, albeit industrious in their careers - suddenly are met with financial griefs. It tried and tested their marriage in so many ways, but in the end, will they still be together? Will they weather through these problems? Or suffer the fate of tons of relationships, who fail unfortunately?

They knew they had to tighten their belt, they knew they had to make sacrifices, which a lot of people would be able to relate, more so now with the high inflation rates.

We don’t want to be political, so make sure you see this Tipidity installment on Mega Sardines Facebook page and assets, you’ll also love the next ones, so stay tuned!

There will be more stories soon!

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