ML Must Be Seen By Millennials

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Just got off Solar's head office in Makati to watch the movie ML starring Eddie Garcia, Tony Labrusca and an ensemble cast. I didn't get to watch this during Cinemalaya 2018 because of time constraints but Sir Eddie winning the best actor award ought to be a good reason to see this film. I had expectations, but it was exceeded knowing that it only took them 7 days to make this. Albeit new to movies, Tony seems to also have been on a roll. He's getting nods but it's a little obvious he's choosing roles that are real acting pieces, it was nice to see him do something political.

ML’s Director Benedict Mique says “We appreciate you going to our small event, we want your support on this film. Aside from getting entertained, I wish a lot of people would be able to watch it and learn about Martial Law. I hope you like and write about it so people would be able yo get interested and watch it.”

It is shocking as the reviews said. You’ll get that feeling from the very beginning of the film.

Eddie Garcia is another class, another level and him playing the Colonel just felt right at place.

That cool millennial vibe of Tony Labrusca just is the same with the kids of today, who think they know Martial Law with all the stuff they see on the web and not the real people who went through it.

I would want every Millennial to actually see and feel every bit of what Eddie Garcia prepared for them in the film. See for themselves why it’s not a simple woke matter, to see if they read history books well, or even talk to real people who went through it because this definitely looks and feels like it’s based on real accounts.

Some people need to learn the hard way, this would be a good thing to start with before you understand what Martial Law is all about. No ifs or buts, you can’t say your piece, and you can’t say nothing else but yes.

Itching to go out? You’ll never look at Valkyrie the same way again.

This is a morbid man’s fantasy. It’s gripping, violent and revolting at the same time. I meant that in a good way.

There I said it.

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