10 Reasons to watch RAMPANT

Saturday, October 20, 2018

It’s a period film, in a way it’s a mix of history and fiction.

It’s a zombie film, much of which start from weird eras of pirates, warships, of warriors and maidens.

It also touches on politics, so prepare for a history lesson right from the start.
It’s also action packed, but has got so much funny sequences that even if the story is serious, you’ll still get entertained.

It’s a fright festival, you’ll love how zombies go from left to right. It’s the type that makes you squirm on your seat, but still got a story to tell.

Zombies are zombies, no matter what timezone, it’s like clockwork and you wouldn’t be able to stop them unless you know how.

It’s like a hack and slash game, but with these actors in it. It’s realistic and you will get overwhelmed.

You’ll love the tight shots and feel like you’re in it. People in the theatre were screaming, not even joking.

This movie is about love, sacrifice, courage, loyalty and listening. When all others wouldn’t, one person did.

You should watch this film with it’s merits, it’s made well, worth your money. I think it is even better than Train to Busan.

There, I said it.

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