LIWAY Shows October 10 Nationwide

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

I have been able to watch the movie LIWAY during Cinemalaya 2018 a couple weeks ago at the CCP Main theater on an almost SRO audience at that. It’s the highest grossing film this year in the festival and I know why. It was a bit controversial since it is tackling happenings during Martial Law. Marcos’ regime wasn’t all that jazz, so in a way this could tell a new generation of Filipinos, especially the youth to at least get to know how it happened during those times as told by the victims themselves, inside a facility that would make you think about the repercussions of letting go of freedom, dictatorship and its tough consequences. 

They have already done a preview on the last day of Cinemalaya (because they are the highest grosser) but for those who didn’t get to watch it on those dates it will be now shown on theaters nationwide starting October 10. You’ll see Glaiza De Castro raw as she does Kumander Liway’s character as she defines strength, courage even as a mother in a very difficult era. She also is raising her child Dakip who told this story. 

We have a lot of choices in the films come October 10, but this is the story of a real life individual. It’s a love letter of a kid to her mom and how innocent he was when he got out of prison. I had the same feeling when I got out of the comforts of my home much like my parents did, I still carried that principle, the kid is after all our very own director. If I had one thing that I am not comfortable with is the treatment that the woman gets, Contessa in a way is different because I always go to mansions to shoot whilst in this film we had to do it in a Boys Town. For me I felt okay and I respect the jurors and they saw how I did it in my performance of Liway. I got the recognition in a different form and that I am very extremely thankful for. It’s like I won an award because the people were chanting after they watched the film and it’s the first time I’ve seen that happen, it’s surreal and I hope it happens on screen. It is a story about hope, about love. Very cliche as others might thing but it is very true.”

Dominic Roco adds “It’s because of this film that I knew it actually touched someone’s life, that’s important. There are tons of reactions but I pay attention to our families, to people close to us who say it’s real.”

Make sure you watch LIWAY on cinemas tomorrow (October 10) and tickets will be discounted because they want a lot of people to watch this. 

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