GMA's Discussing Trans Love in new series

Thursday, October 18, 2018

This is GMA's newest show Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko

Being married is complicated, but what if the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with had a huge secret, something that will change your life. GMA has always been doing thought provoking dramas, but this one is going to discuss falling in love with a man that goes through life, and eventually decides to become a trans woman. Then perhaps, be in a rift with her previous wife, as they fall in love with the same man.

This is another show starred by Kris Bernal, opposite actors Jason Abalos and Rayver Cruz, plus Maricris Garcia, Matthias Roads, Annalyn Barro.

Matthias said “I had a great time getting into the character and Jason and I had to acquaint ourselves with the character and GMA prepared us appropriately. It is groundbreaking, will struck some nerves but definitely something new. Honestly I didn’t know who Jason was prior to this show and we had to work on it so we could make things believable on screen, this isn’t easy.”

Annalyn says “I am happy with the role and this is going to be shown in the afternoon being with new actors, I would want to learn from them.”

Maricris says “I am not playing a villain this time, but a protective sister. My first time, I’m the sister of Nathan, so it is going to be exciting doing this.”

Thea adds “This is different, no supernatural powers. Some of the scenes are not easy to shoot but it is light because they have a lot of energy, I want to see the pilot episode of Asawa Ko Karibal Ko. Aside from that, the immersion had us get to talk to real trans women who had to explain to us the psyche behind who they are as persons. I am a little coarse but they on the other had are prim and proper, in that sense it is difficult to be like them and portray this role.”

We saw the first episode this evening and all I can say is, you have to watch it for the mere reason of essentially establishing who they are and where they come from as humans. This will show on GMA Afternoon Prime, they are not just saying it’s thought provoking because I found it a little uncomfortable.This would open so many discussions which I think will make sense once you watch the show.

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