10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Wild and Free

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Saw the film this evening, I actually find it entertaining. A little too slow much like a diesel engine that takes a little time to heat up and work but so far it’s a good watch.

1. It’s subtle, not hardcore at all. It has romance involved.

2. The security guard is funny, she injects humor quite nicely at the workplace.

3. It’s not so serious. A bit romcom in fact.

4. You’ll love Ducatis, you’ll love bulalo and the waves.

5. You’ll become cheesy when you see waves.

6. You’ll love the twists, it’s about love and family relationships.

7: There is soft something, not too hardcore if you know what I mean.

8. You’ll love doing the laundry.

9. It may be a bit... scary. You'll have lots of questions, but you will ask WHY.

10. This is about, more or less, feeding the characters ego. The best friends also steal the shine sometimes you’ll see them cringe, the main actors are also crazy. 

Direk Connie Macatuno says “Good evening and thank you for gracing our premiere night, I hope I get to awaken your senses with this film. Thank you for being here.”

Sanya says “Thank you everyone, I am so nervous and excited, I hope you would love this. This is also the first time I am watching this complete.”

Derrick says “I hope you would love this film as we really took hard time making this movie.”

This is graded B and has got R13 rating from MTRCB. This is also produced by Regal Films. 

While on the red carpet, we saw GMA stars, their friends, some Regal personalities, Adi Raj, Kelvin Miranda, Jeric Gonzales, David Licauco, Ricci Rivero, Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto, VJ Mendoza, Ashley Ortega and Juancho Trivino, Regal babies Migs Paraiso, JM Martinez, Johnvic De Guzman and more.

Watch them on theaters tomorrow!


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