AXN and GoDaddy's PROJECT GO Announces Winner

Friday, December 18, 2020

The word is out and yes, one team has finally won PROJECT GO. It's STAFFZ which is a hub for virtual assistants. The passion, the cause, it was a nice thing that they've gotten one impressive person who pitched this idea and now has the opportunity to make it a reality.

George Chien of KC Global Media says "This project was fun for us and partnering with GoDaddy was good even during the pandemic. This production was a challenge but with the resources that GoDaddy has, we pulled off a pretty exciting project. For all the contestants, I certainly learned a lot. We enjoyed the non traditional ideas as we deliver something really unique that would benefit a lot of people during the pandemic. If we have helped one person, that's already good."

James Carroll of GoDaddy International says "This series was a celebration of the Filipino entrepreneurial spirity. We are beyond grateful to provide them tools especially during these exciting times. I want to congratulate the winner, and all who have presented their ideas. I considered a number of things in the final pitch, how innovative was it? Is there a market? How clear and what approach they used? How did they execute it? That made the difference."

Jodi Valenta VP for Global Marketing of GoDaddy says "Their passion of helping others, that really touched me the most. It was a great experience to be thousands of miles away and see the show. It helps anybody understand the entrepreneurial spirit."

Mentor and host Maggie Wilson says "Before I take on a project I asked if this was going to make me grow. It makes peoples ideas real. I learned so much from my co mentors and the contestants themselves, I will take those with me. I saw a confident woman Pearl when you presented and thank you all so much for being part of this. This is something truly special."

Bea Cupin says "Thank you to everyone who watched the show. I learned so much from the mentors and the Top 4. I am so excited to see what else is in store with Filipino entrepreneurs. I also want to thank AXN Asia and GoDaddy Asia for making me a part of this. I hope you guys support Pearl and everyone in the top 4."

Mikko Tung says "I am so glad to have signed up for this because I will never forget this. I am so happy to be able to impart things through Project Go. Being a mentor, I never knew I would learn so much from the contestants. Sooner, it will be them teaching me a thing or two. I am 100% more humbled and inspiring. I want to congratulate everyone getting this far and you are all absolutely stellar. Pearl, I am so proud of you since day 1, this is only the beginning and congratulations on being the first winner of Project Go.

Mark Tung says "The experience was very challenging for me, I have always thought I dind't want to let down the other mentors and GoDaddy, thank you for the people involved in this. I saw how driven they are, I wasn't like this when I was their age. I give a lot of credit to these contestants. I got to meet them and share our experience, but I learned a lot from them. Congratulations Pearl for winning, I know you guys will make it work. You are in the right direction, we are just a message away, you guys are all winners.

Macky Tung says "When you are stuck at home you are a little uninspired, these guys have a platform and made their ideas come true. The behavior of people has changed before and after the pandemic. We saw that in Project Go, seeing these young entrepreneurs do it, I was going out and partying when I was in their age. They had plans, they knew how to market, on top of that they are thriving even during the pandemic. It's just really inspiring. It's not just after sales, you need to find your purpose and hit individuals that matter most. Never forget that, you e

Tina Shieh of GoDaddy says "It was an experience for us, we took social distancing to a whole new level. They are constantly sharing their expertise during a competition and we are so glad to be part of that. Listening to the whole thing, I really appreciate this whole journey of Project Go. Thank you to everyone who participated in this project."

Winner Pearl De Guzman of Team STAFFZ says "I am happy and grateful to be declared as the winner of Project Go. This is a big win. Actually, we are just overwhelmed with the messages we got especially after the announcement. Thank you to everyone who made the show, it's was an amazing experience for me and my team, we now have the tools to take our ideas off the ground to bring it to life. We now have a website built through GoDaddy and there's really no excuse to not have one. There was a lot of pressure all throughout that show and we just needed to tell them how we got our numbers. You just have to put your idea out there, take the first step. It has made our business model really fine tuned and we now know how to deliver our story. Right now we are looking forward to apply these ideas and we needed a big online presence and certainly, it was easier to have been able to use their tools during this pandemic."


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