The Launch of CAL the Brand

Monday, December 21, 2020

Stepping out of the shadows of proud mom Dimples Romana and dad Boyet Ahmee is daughter Callie as she now embarks on launching a new business venture called CAL THE BRAND.

She's only 17, and yes, she initially had challenges taking this idea off since she had to source materials for it. She built, learned the ropes and did this from the ground up. She burned the midnight oil learning about the business and started quite early with her fascination of Rattan bags. She ultimately wanted to support local artisans who mostly made these pieces by hand. She now wants these to reach a younger audience, who like her, would have love for aesthetic that is same as hers, which is all locally made and sourced.

As a person who has been working in fashion shows, photography stints who has probably seen lots of these, I could say what she's getting out in the market is SUPER nice. Sans her age, maturity, she sees things quite clearly curating each piece from local artisans. I am very impressed about how she was able to put this up in such a short time too.

Callie says "A few years from now, I hope to see more people with products from Cal. I want to see them wearing and using them proudly because they know how good it is, and how it is made proudly local. I hope Cal would make more individuals be inclined to support local artisans and promote them more here and abroad!"

She adds "Thank you for taking time out and joining me in supporting local brands, I hope this influences people and the communities that are being helped, from fashion items, furniture, to support our local artisans. Thank you!"

Here's our talk yesterday

There's a lot to see in her Instagram account where you can also order the items. She's planning a few things after this particular launch, like clothing, furniture, some things she's going to be proudly coming out real soon. Take a breather and look at how good the items are in her store here as CAL The Brand starts their journey.


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