Gifts for Gamers: Get the Logitech G Gear

Friday, December 11, 2020

There's nothing so nice these holidays but to give the gift that is personalized and having it well thought out. Well you see, there are gamers out there that might only want one thing, not too expensive, high quality and yes, achievable. These are called Logitech G Gear, with these lovely things you can get your gaming to another level. If you need to get your friends or family one, they'll put it to good use and get that game mastered in no time.

Check these out!


G102 Lightsync Mouse

For first time gamers, you can start with this one. It's quite simple, very light and has really nice sensors. This one costs  Php 1,190.


G213 Keyboard

I needed on a few weeks ago and this costs Php 3,399 only. This keyboard actually feels really nice, not too clunky and performance wise, it's quite the best for its class. I also love the different colors it shows especially in a very dark room. Those games would be fancy.

G331 STEREO Headset

You want more crisp, bass driven sounds? Well this one costs  Php 2,599. You can use if for different devices wether mobile or your PC. You get premium sound without breaking the budget, there are more!

G502 HERO Mouse

These next ones are on the mid range. The best selling one is the best in the market, you can get it for  Php 4,350. It's got THE best sensor too so those sensitive crosshairs in games would respond immediately, no need to fear the HERO is here!


G512 Mechanical Keyboard  

Now don't resort to pressing your laptop keyboards too much, go get this one for Php 7,299. Simple and sleek, built tough, you can take your gaming to another level with this mechanical keyboard.


G Pro X Headset

If you want it heard, you can get this G Pro X Headset for only  Php 6,999. The mic tech in this one is so advanced, you'll hear angels. It uses DTS Headphone X 2.0 surround sound. I bet you can record with this thing on your streams and love it on replay.

It's available in online stores. Don't let me stop you, Logitech has always been a good brand!


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