TAWILIS: A Good Breakfast Treat

Friday, December 04, 2020

If there's one thing that this pandemic has done, it's that the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino actually surfaced. Tons of businesses left and right, to survive, we had to resort of many ways to earn a living. This includes services, products, even food, which all remind us of our humble beginnings.

 Now I loved staying in Tagaytay city. Whenever we stay there, our relatives remind us how welcome we are each time we visit. In the morning, I always wait eagerly for breakfast which includes toast, rice, ham, bacon and eggs, plus my favorite the super crispy fried Tawilis. The pandemic had us all confined in the city and think twice about going out of Metro Manila. While I wanted a taste of good breakfast in Tagaytay, it was a bit impossible as Tawilis was pretty much sourced only in Taal Lake.

Lo and behold, our friends heard our wishes. There actually exists DRIED TAWILIS. I was so ecstatic that something like this is available in Metro Manila. During breakfast the next day, I lightly toasted this over hot canola oil and I was overly careful not to do it too long as it might burn. I also sprinkled a little sugar just like how I cook my dilis. And voila! You now have your own Crispy Dried Tawilis at home. Since this is Tawilis, it's not overly salty because it comes from fresh water. 

What's good is that one packet of these actually can feed a bout 3 or 4 people. It looked quite small with the packaging but when you fry and take it out, it's enough to feed a small family. Now imagine having this with fresh sliced tomatoes, onions and salted egg... ugh... I know right? Well don't fret because it's actually easy to order from them. Just call Kuya Nic's via 0995 3336670. He's doing this also to help a business in Tagaytay that was heavily hit during Taal Volcano's eruption a few months ago and of course they typhoon.

 You'll love this good breakfast treat, I'm sharing it so you too can help businesses thrive during the pandemic. 



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