More Surprises These Holidays on WIlbert Tolentino's VLOGS

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


It's almost Christmas and with the country celebrating the longest one in the world, good news are still coming despite the pandemic. The lovely decorations and trees abound, and as the country fights COVID-19, some choose to spread good vibes and happiness. He's a very well known guy in the entertainment circuit. He's a former Mr. Gay World titlist, businessman and philanthropist, he is Wilbert Tolentino. Recently, he launched his new vlog and currently, it has about 300,000 subscribers. Under the name Wilbert Tolentino VLOS, he features entertainment, stories of love, life, charity work, tons of fun and games. He calls his community "Kafreshness" and with good reason, he actually wants you to be part of his YouTube journey.  

Aside from that, he was able to also collaborate with some of the country's most entertaining set of people. He also hosts debates with some of the funniest queens in his clubs, and also takes time to put a part of his earnings to help communities and also feature local celebrities. He's been very active the past couple of days and has been uploading quite consistently. He's just starting though, so brace yourselves for more.

Wilbert says "This is exactly why I did vlogging in the first place, to spread joy, entertainment so I could make people trapped in their homes to laugh a little, maybe more. We all have our anxieties during this pandemic, just putting a smile in their faces makes me feel great!"

He shares "I have survived severe pneumonia from COVID-19 but I wanted to offer assistance to my fellow men through this medium. The calamities, the pandemic, and lack of employment these days might get people depressed, so in my own way, I'd want to encourage them and give hope. I also would like to bring them together and look for different ways of entertainment. My dream is to also get social media personalities from different platforms and recognize them via "The Philippine Influencer Awards 2021" whom I'd like to happen in the near future (in the pipeline). So see you real soon!"

On Christmas eve, he's also going to do a Noche Bola Raffle Bonanza at 7pm for all his subscribers. So if you would love to be part of the Kafreshness gang, make sure you head on to his channel and subscribe today!

/* Wilbert Tolentino owns the clubs Apollo, Club 690 and Farenheit.

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