Heattech for this Season: UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON Holiday Collection

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


This is the first Uniqlo and JW Anderson Holiday Collection and by the looks of it, it really depicts a cozy countryside British cottage which is the theme they were going for. The relaxed more fall winter colors is just fancy and nice for those long walk in the woods, with your wife and kids in tow, looking good at these garments. JW Anderson and Uniqlo has been doing this since 2017 and certainly, the London based designer has made this a good start so people would have it at a massive scale, because Uniqlo can dress you up easy. With their Heat Tech Technology, those cold holiday nights in Manila or your airconditioned room can be taken cared of. Just get a hot cup of cocoa and it's a done deal!

Keep your hands, feet and head warm. These pieces are available online via the Uniqlo app so go download it today. I actually have been shopping in that app and get my deliveries the next day, no joke!

It's really nice! 


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