Sanicare Mark PASCO in Three Island Groups

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It's almost Christmas and I'm sure by this time, you've seen some products on the shelves that you don't know how it was made or where it came from. If you've seen Sanicare on the Bathroom Tissue, Baby Wipes and Paper Towel isle, then those actually come from SCPA (Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.). This year was tough for all of us including the employees of the said company, but they realized it was very important for them to still push through with their annual Christmas party so they can share blessings with their employees, and their families especially through these tough times. 

Instead of the usual physical events, they did it online for the safety of everyone. During the event, they got local recording artist, record producer and DJ Silverfilter to write an original song for the company these holidays called "PASCO". In it, they featured their  own products, a God centric theme as thanks to the creator. They held a music video competition and used this to showcase Filipino culture and hope for the communities they serve. 

SCPA Luzon:

SCPA Visayas:

SCPA Mindanao:

As you can see, they made a lot of effort in making these videos to showcase individual talent, their workplace, and regional fare. They also made these while observing health protocols which they also employ in their offices and plants. It's such a nice thing to do, not just to entertain their employees, but to see a sense of normalcy which soon, we hope to have in the whole country. 

Merry Christmas!


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