Mang Inasal Take-out and Delivery Blowout Is Back

Friday, December 11, 2020

Not now though, but real soon. Remember that thing that happened in Grab wherein if you buy the Large Family Size Chicken Inasal you'll also get a FREE Family Sized PALABOK? Well I think the bosses of Mang Inasal has heard your calls so they're giving this another go come December 18 up until December 28 just so you can celebrate Christmas quite nicely with these on your menu.

This is actually good for 4-5 people, one if they're sized like me so if you are looking for a 199 peso discount, this would be so nice no? So aside from Grabfood, they're also available in FoodPanda and LalaFood, so really, there's no excuse why you shouldn't get one of these promos. They are also making this available for take out, so if you can ask someone to pass by their stores nationwide, I bet they'll be happy to do so, just make sure you share some of it okay?

I actually had it a few weeks ago, so good actually.


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