Valentines Day

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Valentines day was sad. I never got to be with my wifey because I had to do some things on my own and she had a whole lot of things planned for herself too. We practically didn't meet this day but its okay because I ain't into those mushy stuff anyway. We met Friday the 13th and that's more fearful I guess. I don't want to over dramatize everything because I don't want everybody to think that I'm telling all my stories in this site. If I did you wouldn't even dream of becoming me because I probably have my own set of problems that are completely out of this world for ordinary humans like you.

Not that I'm bitter but I'm just sad... I don't even want to talk about it. Let's see, uhmm when I went to the mall last friday it was jumpacked with people. I thought it was a recession but it seems everybody is spending in the Philippines like there is no tommorrow. The restaurants were also full and they are sometimes a lil bit pricey but it didn't stop the ordinary Juan to spend that day. Maybe they do corny stuff for a living that they go out with their loved ones and make us who are not so happy look at them so we would feel more miserable. Yeah well that happens you know. A lot of couples that I saw were even in matching shirts... guys were best dressed in skinny jeans and some women were just dirty looking... that I don't understand haha.

Things have changed but you know how the Emo fad has been going on with kids around the country. Some just don't understand it but EMO doesn't have to be dirty and filthy. I just don't want to see people doing that to my way of life. It's just revolting!

Anyway, Happy Valentines day to wherever and whenever you guys have it! ^_^ I'm happy for yah!


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