Monday, February 09, 2009

Sweet but if he's the one to hurt Rihanna I don't like to see that face anymore! HMP!
Photo by E!

All along I thought this was a fairy tale romance between two Pop American Icons Chris Brown and Rihanna. I was thinking this was going to be forever but for Chris Brown to physically hurt Rihanna? I'm sure I'm not the only one enraged by this.

I watched the Grammy awards a few hours ago and the two did not show up in the Red Carpet or the awards show itself... I was thinking that they maybe were preparing for a surprise number... Boy are we surprised! Chris Brown was detained and just bailed out himself for a whopping 20,000 US dollars which is about 2,350,000 pesos here. Earlier it was just reported that a lady complained about Chris Brown hurting her but the name of Rihanna suddenly surfaced. For a boyfriend to hurt his girlfriend is just wrong! Really wrong!

Chris Brown has been dancing to fame and his MTV's, I know he's rich and can dance really well but I'm really sad that this has happened. I hope he rots in jail for hurting Rihanna. He was scheduled to be singing "Forever" onstage at Los Angeles' Staples Center, he was instead detained by police, being questioned for allegedly roughing up Rihanna. Brown and Rihanna became involved in an argument. After stopping his car, Brown and Rihanna went out and the argument escalated. Rihanna suffered visible injuries and identified Chris Brown as her attacker. Both were not able to attend the Grammy Awards because of this incident. Chris was also supposed to compete in a category with the duet he had with Jordin Sparks called "No Air". Rihanna was also supposed to be nominated for the duet she had with Maroon 5. How I wish I could make Chris Brown reget what he did to Rihanna. That's just sad! Grrrr!



Anonymous said...

Here is something I have been hearing from more than one person. I have heard that rihanna had herpes and gave it to chris brown when they had unprotected sex, and that he got mad and punched her in the face.

Anonymous said...

Im from the usa. Today, I kept hearing that the reason Chris Brown hurt Rihanna is because she had herpes and gave it to him. I am not sure how accurate this is, but it is going all around my school. If this is legit, I would suspect that it would make him want to hurt her, but I surely don't agree with physical violence toward any living thing no matter what the issue is.

Sandi said...

I totally agree. I thought about blogging on this myself. I do not care what their argument was about, who was right or wrong. It is always wrong to lay your hands on your significant other. Boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, hitting or hurting is WRONG. I don't know why some men think they can lay their hands on their women.