Workers Grateful for Government Stimulus

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Minnesota union says their workers are very grateful for the $787 billion economic stimulus package which passed legislation this Friday. Glen Johnson is the business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49 which represents more than 13,000 workers in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Johnson says the passage of the bill is a major victory for the nation's working people. The President takes care of their sector obviously.

The IUOE estimates the spending of this stimulus package will create 12,000 construction jobs in Minnesota by late spring and thousands more by fall. He says investment in the nation's infrastructure projects will create work for men and women in the construction industry in which their work force contributes.

They have member workers in highway and building construction, equipment repair and welding shops and related businesses. Initially they were on the verge of folding to the economic recession but with the stimulus package in place, mostly all of them will get a job. Some of them might need legal services in the Minneapolis, MN area, I highly recommend them to check out for services of a Labor or Divorce Lawyer so some of them can start their lives over.


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