Even so, Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rihanna today is turning 21, but of course since this horrible event in her life happened it may not be so happy yet. Millions of people were appalled when they saw Rihanna's picture that was posted in TMZ's website. I too am figuring out how can a guy do this to such a god woman as Rihanna. I wish she still could get over this and find a way to put Chris Brown in jail. With bruises on her face and a bludgeoned mouth and nose, I still find it difficult to accept he's still roaming around the US when Rihanna suffered that and almost killed her. Good thing no internal bleeding happened with that severe trauma she got from that event.

Reports from her family say Rihanna remains strong and doing well. I hope they get to celebrate with the family. She deserves a huge rest and probably a consolation of getting Chris in jail for doing that. I am just worried like so many people because if this happened to her, then how about the millions of women in the world. Let me just wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIHANNA!


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