43 American Idols Booted Out Hollywood!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hard job for AI judges huh?!
Photo by Associated Press

I watched American Idol eliminations today and boy a lot were given the boot. Among the 147 people who were given the golden ticket to hollywood, 43 were sent home packing as the first day of eliminations commenced. This particular day was pure unadulterated voice in acapella. No music, no backgrounds, just pure voice. There were lots of them filtered because they were plainly inadequate.

The judges so far were keeping it real, I mean you wouldn't want to get the others joining the rest of the batch if they were not qualified. I watched TMZ also yesterday and one of the IDOL hopefuls said she was still in the competition but that really was not allowed for her to tell that. It was a girl, wait let me see if I can get a clip of that. I think this is her, the bikini girl....

Everyone in youtube was comparing her to Catherin McPhee but I don't think that's gonna do justice really. Maybe she got through but it wouldn't be nice to see her in the finals when she did only get attention through her racks right? ^_^ She should show up with the voice!


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