Iran Launches Own Sattelite

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I hope we can launch our own rockets made from Bocaue... hehe
Photo by AP

I like the rest of the world is worried about this recent development. I'm not against it but when Iran launched their own satellite yesterday, it would only mean that they are indeed capable of creating huge rockets that can carry nuclear warheads. That would just be uneasy to the current world powers, the US and its allies.

If you think about it, they can now easily launch their own nuclear missiles to any country in the world. How did it get to this? What if they do it? Would there be anyone that can stop them from doing so? and at what cost? A million lives maybe?

I hope not. I hope it won't happen in my lifetime. It would really be painful to feel radiation and the shockwaves if that would happen in my place. Don't you feel a little bit terrified?


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