My Dream Girl

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I heard a study done in the US that men usually end up married with red heads rather than blonds. Not that I'm making a huge comparison but in my opinion, it seems to be true. With the media hype of having blond women being “all that there is” in Hollywood and Playboy for that matter, it seems but natural for men to think that Red Heads are more serious when it comes to relationships. This same also happens to brunettes. Maybe that’s also why they are lesser these days. There aren’t so many available women with that distinct quality. Maybe the fake ones would count too because some of them turn to local beauty shops to get the same color. Men would probably go serious with them afterward. I maybe wrong on some level but there might be a chance that I’m right.

A French singer called La Russo caught my eye once because she was all that I could ever ask for in a woman. She’s tall, she’s got a cute face, that famous natural red hair and she speaks French too. She got her screen name for obvious reasons and you know why I like her in some aspects because like the people who read my articles in this side of the world, we adore things that are quite unique to us. It’s nothing new for an Asian – Hispanic looking lad like me from this country to like someone like her. Awe I’m getting a little bit mushy again ha-ha!

For people like me, don’t despair! I’ve got you hooked up big time with a website that totally dedicates itself to redheads and redhead lovers alike. You can get all of them in one place called Check out the single guys and gals and let the rest be history! Remembering my red haired dream girl La Russo just isn’t enough. I know someday soon I’ll get to meet someone like her. What an awesome site! Check them out now!



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