RIHANNA Identified... CHRIS BROWN Loses Projects: UPDATES!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm enjoying this afternoon thinking about the same story I've been hearing and watching events across the USA entertainment scene. Chris Brown just apparently lost major deals with corporations. One of them is Wrigley's which supplies the world tons of chewing gum and bubble gum. Now he's probably getting it huh?!

There are also rumors of him having punched Rihanna. Oh yes by the way she was already identified a while ago by police who handled the case. There was always the "woman" monicker given a while ago because he was apparently given the benefit of the doubt because he's a celebrity and for the protection of the victim. Now that its out in the open a lot of rumors are coming out about what really conspired that morning.

According to people who have commented on my site, they heard that Rihanna had Herpes which is a very wild Sexually Transmitted Disease that prompted Chris Brown to punch Rihanna in the face in that particular scuffle. Even if, I would not really want anyone punching a lady... or Rihanna for that matter. That's just not right okay? That's just a pathetic excuse!


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