Argue with Me!

Monday, February 02, 2009

I know I haven't been the most pleasing person in the University of the East. I did not plan to even be one as a matter of fact. I usually am heard leading arguments here and there. I keep it a point that people hear what I'm thinking about in any topic or form. I stand on my moral high ground most of the time and deal with students, professors and politicians in my town. I don't care if they plan to beat me in a word war because I'm one of those people who can handle it. This is my forte and I keep it real.

I even joined debates, essay writing contests, general information quiz shows and have championed most of them. I don't want to brag about it but I handle my self well even if you ask some of my peers. A class discussion in history for example made me butt heads with 50 students. I insisted on my point even if I knew at that time that I was raising the issue incorrectly. I was just amused because nobody could disprove me even if they tried ha-ha!

Today, there’s a new place where you and I can do the same feat and it’s at The site is generally not moderated so you can get the no holds barred political debate ambiance you want. I would never miss the opportunity to join them so why should you be the last one to do so, right?!


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