American Idol 2nd Round 75 Pushes Through!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

American Idol's Ryan Seacrest just announced that there's about only 75 people left in the second round eliminations. The famous ones who was booted out were the bikini girl Katrina Darrel, Nancy Wilson who was confronting the judges so much, Austin Sisneros who was fine with anything, Rose Flack who was homeless barefoot and dreadlocked girl, Southern lady Deanna Brown, and David Osmond who's a son of an elder Osmond Brother.

There were 104 singers that started this particular round and they performed with other singers in groups. Those who did not perform well obviously had tears and stories to tell about other people so they were all booted out based on their performance. Others were given the chance if they obviously are just being pulled down by other people in their group.

I wonder what if I joined American Idol, that would be just hilarious hahahahah.... Maybe season 9 would be better for me right? Hehe My friends tell me I sing fine so I'd probably be conquering Pinoy Idol first wahahaah...Dream on dream away!

Here's one of my favorite auditions


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