Chris Brown seems Hiding Now

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uyyy...Kala mo hindi nasapak oh... joke!

mean who wouldn't be after all the allegations and soon to be cases that will be filed against him. He's just an upcoming star that never got it there yet and felt that he was but now that he may have a high chance that he did it then most probably his career will end here. Imagine the stories and the statement Rihanna submitted through police where she was choked until she lost consciousness. Not to mention the guy was supposedly threatening to kill her when that happened. This is just a huge mess he's in and most probably he's not going to do his concerts and commitments anymore. Breaches on contracts and no sponsors would probably spell THE END of his career.

News say that he's probably staying in the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Good hotel name to even have if allegations are true because that would mean the HARD FACED man stayed in HARD ROCK heheh. He was seen leaving an L.A. jail Sunday night after being booked on suspicion of making criminal threats to Rihanna. He had been spotted at a West Hollywood hotel and there was an unconfirmed report according to the article that he had flown to be with his family in Virginia. He's all over the US huh?! Where is he gonna hide next after paying that $50,000 bail?! "Chris is all right. He's a good kid. He feels very bad that something like this happened," the New York Daily News quoted Brown's pal and stylist Michael (Mike B) Barnett as telling People magazine. So does it mean it REALLY DID HAPPEN? hahah... sometimes, fish are caught in their own mouth. Cops are going to interview them again about the incident before formal charges are going to be filed.


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