Sugarfree @ Eastwood City

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, I just walked a few minutes from the office to watch Sugarfree at the Eastwood Center stage. I was enjoying their music with a 16oz Mud Pie from Dairy Queen. With all the bands in the Philippines, they seem good. I'm very hard to please of course but if the performance already gave me a few times to smile then its at par with the standards that I set. So they did pass.

I do hear their songs quite often and the vocalist was a lil funny because there were only a few of us that watched the show. He literally grabbed food from peoples table and had pizza while singing..hahah. That to me was hilarious. But to think about it, he was belting out a lot on his own songs. They were pretty high and I never heard him miss a note. If I can I'd probably post their pictures here soon. It's just that my officemate is probably taking more shots right now at the back stage and I had to go back to work you know. I only passed by heheh.. but it was fun! They were supposed to perform at 8PM but they arrived 10:30 PM so go figure out why there were only a handful of people left at the center stage. ^_^


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