Stimulus Package May Pass Senate Soon -OBAMA

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There will be no stopping on my plans!
Photo by AP

Washington will be spearheading this campaign in the Senate for the planned bailout package. The amount will provide a stimulus in the US economy but the Senate version has revamped and gave the private investors a bigger role than the usual. Aside from that, the US had the 838 Billion Dollar stimulus plan already lined up for Senate approval by Monday next week. Hopefully they will be getting more supporters as they lobby for it there. I wish Obama and his economic team to make sure this will be given the actual effect as they have promised. Pretty soon they will be testing the waters if this is successful or not then have another set of packages re written for a bigger crisis than this so called full blown one.

The US Treasury department on the other hand will be spending the other half of the stimulus package that was done by the past administration of Bush. This was the 700 Billion dollars, so half of that would be 350 right? Where did it actually go? Is that why some of the companies are still staying afloat? Some of them apparently are cutting off 10,000 jobs like in the auto making industry. If something good has been seen with this economic turmoil, its the gas prices which apparently has been at an all time low. Good thing that happened or otherwise if the oil was expensive then it would be doubly hard right?

I just wish something good is going to happen in our country someday soon.


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