Fare rate cuts will take effect on Monday

Friday, February 20, 2009

The public has been notified about the 50 centavo fare rate cut that will take effect on Monday. Commuters that take Jeepney rides around the metro will surely enjoy this perk that the transport groups and government worked on because of the diesel prices falling in the world market.

It has been a few months of price decrease in Diesel prices so it is rightful to do this. The ordinary consumer that normally pays 7.50 in a few kilometers will get their money's worth.This will also be taking effect in 2 other regions in Luzon because it includes regions 3 and 4.I hope it continues to go down until 75 centavos. Yeah, I remember that did happen once.

Aren't you glad?


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Bryan Karl said...

Yepah! I just hope it'll go back to 6 pesos minimum here...