Boys Before Flowers

Monday, February 02, 2009

I've been watching this Korean version of Meteor Garden and the title seems a little wee bit different than the HANA YORI DANGO original Japanese cartoon everyone loved in the 80's. It's now called Boys Before Flowers and it seems they still are filming the episodes until now. I like the general plot of the story even if it was slightly disfigured.

Scenes were taken avast from Paris, to resorts outside the country and some rich South Korean neighborhoods here and there. I love the Taiwanese version of it so why would'nt I like this Korean version. Well, some parts were a little bit off like the lead star, she wasn't that too pretty. Unlike the popular San Chai and the other women in the Taiwanese version, this was a mere third degree of beautiful women. Although in the classy department, they are already topnotch.

I don't know what's wrong but in this version there is something definitely missing. I hope they come out with bigger scenes next time. I love the cars by the way! hehe


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