Plus Size

Monday, February 02, 2009

My Sister went into a store that specialized in plus sized dresses and clothes. Maybe it's because evidently nothing would probably fit her in the ready to wear rack that's available in the department store. I wonder why it's taking too long for her to get thin. She's been trying numerous diets and probably lost hope already. Good thing there's still plus size garments available for her.

I don't know when she'll be getting smaller but she really needs to do it as soon as possible. She probably weighs more than I do even if I'm taller. That's just not right because it may soon get complicated if she does get sick and have heart conditions later on. We even have history of diabetes and high blood pressure in the family so it's not just a 50% chance we get the same conditions. Think about it, if we don't think about our health this early we might end up shortening our life expectancy. It would not be a nice thing so see. It's a good thing even if we're this big, we still look good.


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