Hope for the Country

Friday, February 20, 2009

I believe that someday, the economic woes in the US will end. With the stimulus plan of the US President already in place, there is greater hope that everyone would land a job soon. This in turn would promote consumer spending because people would already have money for their everyday needs. With the Dow Jones industrial average in its in more than six years, the sharp declines in key financial shares led the market lower and a couple of establishments are now affected. Even if they all rule over what goes out in the senate and congress, much work needs to be done at the market itself.

I applaud the US President for taking care of the long forgotten veterans. They have been given what's due them but its quite sad to know that some of them died already not seeing the benefits that they should have had protecting the sovereignty of their country. The US Ambassador to the Philippines also had the same resentment because the passage of this bill was a little late. How can we all talk about political matters without someone else stopping us from speaking freely? I'm quite happy to say that the Internet would be a better tool for this. If you want to let the world know anything about politics make sure you visit sites that promote free speech. Check out the political debate website http://www.arguewitheveryone.com/ and be heard!


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