More Than the Usual

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've lived in the Philippines all my life and I wouldn't want to go into specifics because I'd rather have everybody speculate about my age. If you are talking about where to go and what to do, we do it here more than the usual.

Thousands of Filipinos live through tourism and with the 7,120 islands that our country has it is not surprising why this is so. If a person doesn't like one place here, you've got 7,119 more to choose from. Metro Manila which is my hometown would never make you run out of things to do. We've got the third largest mall in the world, the largest in Asia that would literally take you a couple of days to really get used to because of the thousands of shops you can go to. At night, the restaurants are packed with locals and expatriates that chose to live the easy going life in the Philippines. There's a travel blogging competition I'm planning to join and I would like to invite you too. Check out as web masters around the world compete in telling people about their cities. Make sure you join this sponsored contest from and be proud of your hometown. It's worth it!


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