Meralco Electricity Rates Go Down, Water Rates Go Up!

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Horror Continues!

Manila Electric Company rates will go down this month while Water rates will go up. There will be a 5 centavo deduction per kilowatt hour in the power rates or about 10 pesos for households that consume 200 Kwatts per month. This was explained by Meralco Chief for Utility Economics Ivanna de la Pena that due to the lower Generation Rate Adjustment Mechanism (GRAM) of lower electricity costs because of the worst winter elsewhere in the world. The rate adjustments appear to be temporary as March approaches for the Summer Season so don't rejoice yet!

Manila Water and Maynilad on the other hand will be raising prices in the last week of this month. This is because of the automatic adjustment for inflation at recovery ng foreign exchange losses and does not reflect the basic rates. Manila Water will be raising 12.2 percent consumer price index adjustment and about 1.03 percent foreign currency differential adjustment. Will this mean there will be adjustments over adjustments and adjustments? Hahaha...

Manila Water's adjustment will be P2.27 per cubic meter while P2.81 per cubic meter will be for Maynilad rates. Prices will take effect 15 days from notice... so that started this Thursday... and the horror will start on the 26th.


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