LPG Supply Just Got Back to Normal Says DOE

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Uyyy SYOTA! joke!

The Department of Energy just release news that liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) just got back to normal levels yesterday. Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes said this to President Arroyo in a cabinet meeting yesterday.

The former defense secretary Reyes said that there is now an existing supply of LPG particularly from Liquigaz which is the largest importer of LPG in the country today.The President earlier has tasked the Department of Energy to work with the Department of Trade and Industry, Interior and Local Government, Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation to catch LPG suppliers that are in connivance on illegal refilling, under refilling, hoarding and those who use dilapidated tanks. The President also had issued directives to file cases against these individuals together with about 100 cases that have been sleeping in the Justice Department. That's what they say but the LPG retailers say otherwise that things are back to normal. This I think is plain damage control because as far as the Mothers in this country are concerned the prices of Cooking gas tanks are still way high and very seldom seen in the stations across Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines.


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