Staying In Love

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It hurts a lot!

I'm in the middle of things right now because this almost 9 month relationship of mine is on the rocks. I admit to be at fault on some degree but its a conscious effort for both of us to work on our differences and maybe sometime soon we would resolve it. I almost lost hope in love, but you know how your past experiences come rushing back when you need it? I think that happened with me and I try each day to cope with the depression, analysis of the situation and seeking a glimmer of hope that everything will soon be alright.

I met her through common friends in the Internet and I don't want to tell everybody that it's the the greatest place to look for love. For starters, I was only after steady dating and the consequences between my quest to look for that special someone ended on one fine drinking spree while out with our friends. Not really because I was under the influence of alcohol but maybe because we were both free of our inhibitions at that time. We became more serious after that and we really did fall in love. I'm starting to fix this but I probably need more time. It will all be better, I know it will. For you guys out there that think there's no hope for you to find a loved one, there are thousands of Internet dating services you can go to. Try out passion search that gives you the chance to use every medium imaginable to get hooked up on line. Maybe someday you'll be luckier than me and meet that special person that the one above made especially for you.



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