I've got WIFI!

Monday, February 02, 2009

My new Router! Weee! c^^,)

I just went to the mall this morning and got myself a WRT54G2... of course its Linksys heheh. Aside from that I bought a cooler and a usb mouse for the laptop. Now I can probably surf the net around the house! ^_^

I tried playing CABAL a while ago and was even able to get a level higher, but I noticed some lags while playing. I hope that is not gonna happen anytime soon. I would not want to have that problem other users are worried of. I wonder why I couldn't see any more wrt54g in the shops. All of them have this new model instead but I'm worried I would not have the same capabilities if I load a different firmware which I'm never gonna tell them about hehe.

Now that I have them rigged, my house is completely wifi now! I got it encrypted too so my neighbors won't get some hehe.


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