Make Sure They Are Safe

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ith the news behind Chris Brown and a supposed woman getting hurt you stop and think that if this happened to rich and famous people like them then it wouldn't be impossible to also happen to anyone.

I now fear for the women in my family. What if they end up with the same fate as she did? What if their supposed blissful relationship suddenly turns into a nightmare one day? It shows how appalling things could get if a crazed boyfriend would suddenly turn ballistic for a loved one. Everybody in the industry think so highly of him. With this particular incident still under investigation, it's not surprising that some sources say that it could be RIHANNA that's suffering. They both were not able to attend the Grammy Awards Night. If she was not protected and couldn't afford private health care or insurance like the rest of Hollywood's celebrities, then she could have gotten a different fate. If she was a normal person like anyone in your family and she got hurt I'm sure you all would be worried. Make sure everybody is covered and identified with insurance leads so they can be offered the same health care as some of the world's greatest people. They only deserve the best and you know you love them.


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