The Importance of Internal Cleansing

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I remember the good friend, office mate, seatmate and webmaster I had here in the company I’m working for. In all the years he spent here, we had so much fun together with the Knowledge Management Department he’s in. With a couple of guys and gals, I even grew to know the people in his family. His wife, son and his newborn daughter were all part of his life. They also became part of ours.

We often meet at parties, events and short gatherings here and there. He was a very good man, adventurous and assertive at times. He led a lot of people into doing their best in their jobs specially the team he handles that does graphics design. He knows what to do in times of meeting hard deadlines and outrageous demands from clients that we have. All of these were taken away in one blow.

He passed away last year and left his family widowed; and orphaned. The root and cause of all was colon cancer. He enjoyed eating a lot of things that were a little dangerous for normal consumption. It was street food, grilled meat and a lot of other things that may have contributed to this ailment. It was already late when he knew he was already at stage 4 of this cancer. I learned a lot from him and his legacy. I try everyday to take care of myself too.

We all need to detoxify and cleanse ourselves often. The benefits of having fiber rich foods in our diet definitely struck me because I had the same symptoms that people who have poor digestion have. I was not taking care of myself then, but I realized I need to do it now. I would not want to find out later that I’m going to get sick because I did not watch what I eat now. It is true that you are what you eat but this sad story of a friend made me realize how precious life is. We’ll never know if we are truly clean inside. So we need to take matters in our own hands and start doing it right. Colon Cleansing is a very good way to do it. I’m so glad I also read about it in I’ll start to take care of my self now and make sure he takes care of us too. He was a good man and it wouldn’t be smart to make mistakes if he already showed us the great life he had. We all need to make the right choice now.


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Erato said...

This is so true, John (or should I say Kumagcow:). Life is too short to not be eating healthy. We all have to make a real effort to keep the toxins in everyday grub and household chemicals out of our systems...& fiber rich foods are a great way to start. Going whole wheat might just be our key to living long, healthy lives!