Vicky Belo has Moved On

Thursday, February 19, 2009

He even said she still loves her...awe!

Dr. Vicky Belo finally moved on and broke her silence about her romantic love affair with Dr. Hayden Kho.
She opted not to talk about her break-up with Dr. Hayden Kho to avoid more showbiz intrigues. It has been a tragedy for both parties and publicizing it would probably only make it worst. They have decided to end it all and Dr. Belo is coping nicely. Dr. Kho on the other hand continued to appeal for her to love him back after a few weeks still.

Dr. Hayden Kho admitted to even wanted to commit suicide in one of his interviews. Kristalle Henares who is Belo's daughter to her first husband said that her mother is back to her normal life and their family is there to support her mom. The end of the May-December affair of the former lovers was haunted by many showbiz reporters and people speculating that Belo discovered that Kho's Monkey business having an alleged affair with sexy actresses Katrina Halili and Rufa Mae Quinto. Good thing she moved on and now focusing her life with her business.


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