God of War III – Play Station III

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm currently playing the disaffected Spartan turned Greek God KRATOS on the PlayStation 3. I touched the console and the Video Game a few days ago at Mall of Asia and I was pleasantly surprised because this particular sequel was what I was looking for after playing the first part on my Play Station Portable. It had me looking for the same journey - medieval platform - Role Playing type of game in the same but I wasn't able to since the titles were limited here in Asia I guess.

There were apparently more releases that are only available in Japan, USA and Europe but those were not available in the South East Asian region as far as I know. This for me is more achievable than sticking to the hope of playing Xbox 360 Games in the Philippines. Getting online content is just going to be hard. I've checked out some of the downloadable content on other sites but I was unable to find that sequel. Little did I know that it would actually be not available on the Play Station Portable anymore and just stick with the Play Station 3!

It's quite disappointing if they would not release it anymore for that console because it’s quite expensive for me to purchase the bigger one as the prices are still high in this part of the world. Maybe soon they will get some emulators to play these types unless they are digitally encrypted and not allowed by the manufacturer and game makers. If it’s just the size I think some people can take care of that. I was impressed by the graphics too since I was looking at it from a large screened television at the mall. While I was playing it a lot of people were also watching me at my back because they probably never heard of it too. Good thing I tagged along with my friend to that place, now I'm planning to either wait for that to come out in my Play Station Portable or buy the Play Station 3 soon together with the PS3 Accessories. I wish I had money for that after 6 months. I'll surely save for that just because of this particular game. Just look at the fantastic graphics!


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