Women Age Earlier than Men

Monday, February 16, 2009

It has been proven already that women age faster than men in clinical studies here and in the US. There are far more complicated and faster changes in bone structure and skin conditions in women than in men. This would all be attributed to shrinking facial bone structures and gravity that pull mostly everything down. Having that said, people should start taking care of themselves earlier than usual. With the toxins and bad nutritional habits we are forming in this generation, it is primarily important to make use of one's resources towards beauty.

There are various ways of doing this weather the natural way or getting medical help through augmentation, skin fillers and other methods making us and our skin look younger. I mean, who would want to look bad anyway? Real beauty cannot only be achieved by meddling with what the man above has given us. If we plan to stay in this world a little longer than what is expected, at least make an effort to take care of your self and your spiritual being. Men or women alike should never underestimate the power of prayer and being thankful for what you already have. Be true and be yourself.


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