Web Hosting Beauty and Madness

Friday, February 06, 2009

I’ve been running my website for almost four years. My life expectancy is a little over than that so I don’t want to waste time thinking about who would host my site if I plan to do so. I’ve had free ones and I’ve got paid ones for my projects. I don’t however the perseverance and have each transaction be problematic because I don’t have enough bandwidth, space for images and email storage.

You know, there’s such a thing as the horror of getting the DNS and the IP settings of your original domain so you could get the original content of your current site and have those transferred to the customized URL. I had first hand experience over that and I couldn’t even get my site working to at least see some of the content exist in cyberspace. I’ve had a few days of sorrowful evenings because I felt I didn’t exist in the Internet. My images also were big and the containment unit of the host was limited so I didn’t have the services to get my place up and running. I had to consult a few people (office mates) on what easy service I could get so I wouldn’t have an arduous time configuring major geek level web settings. I even lost my site settings in the process too so I had to get a new template for it. Imagine the days and hours just to get that back.

So I stopped by a website that called http://www.top10webhosting.com/ that listed everything that I needed. It even gave me options to choose different web hosting services that are extremely affordable and would not hurt my budget. I was only starting then and I needed something to at least tell me the tale of what to spend and what I should get. Get the latest and best web hosts you can get below $5 dollars. I’m sure you’ll like them a lot better than expensive ones that never worked!


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