Saturday, February 14, 2009

Okay... since I haven't been doing this in the last few months, I guess it's time for another movie review. This time it's all about INKHEART, a huge blockbuster in the US and in the Philippines but not in my dictionary. I was disappointed overall because this had me hungry for good special effects and computer graphics. Apparently it did not succeed in convincing me that the whole place and the animals were real, aside from that the background and drawings were seen by my keen eye. If I can tell the background from the actors, then the movie's computer graphics were done poorly. I felt I was in the 80's looking at superman doing Darna in a floating table.

This movie is all about Brendan Frasier aka Mo "Silvertounge" Folchart and his ability to read books and make them appear in real life. The villain in the movie was good, but since the story was lame executed I did not appreciate Andy Serkis aka Capricorn who was a big bad mad in it. He also came from the book which Brendan Frasier read. Brendan Frasier lost his wife because the book would take someone in after reading it. He tried to get his wife back in the movie and also had a daughter that little did he know had the same talent as he did. So instead of getting Brendan to read the books, Capricorn got his daughter instead. Some characters like one of te 40 thieves from Ali Baba called Farid was also there because Capricorn asked Brendan to read something from the Arabian Nights novel. All the gold dropped from the sky. The castle was there too as the main place where the characters stayed. Paul Bettany who played the fire mancer aka DUSTFINGER was nice too because he had dragon's breath that made fire be manipulated. He used that a couple of times and even taught the thief about it. It was nice and I remember him from the movie A Knights Tale... Capricorn by the way was the one who portrayed "GOLEM" in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. He was good In the end it was Brendan Frasier's daughter Meggie Folchart portrayed by Eliza Hope Bennet that read the new page author FENOGLIO wrote so everything goes back into place. The big disappointments were all the computer graphics that you know is very limited because of the monsters short appearances and short roles in the movie. It was not that good as I hoped for. The mummy series was better than this obviously. The movie was so BITIN and everybody was still waiting for something to happen before it ended. All in all I give this 2 KUMAGS for at least making an effort for a movie. But I recommend you watch it since there are no movies left to watch this week that even passed my taste.


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