Too Dry Today

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is it just me or is it not raining these past few weeks? I wonder why February seems a little bit dryer that usual because normally at this time of the year we still have a couple of typhoons left before it runs out to March, April and May which usually comprise the summer months.

Will we need more water soon because it has not been raining too much? I know we had some problems a couple of years ago when we did not have that much rain and the few catch basins we have like the La Mesa Water shed were at critical levels and everybody was doing their share in conserving water by making sacrifices on rations and water regulation by the utility companies. Since they all have been privatized we do not even have any say on their prices, so I fear most when a crisis happens because we might end up paying a higher price than the usual. If we ended up dried out like the Arizona Desert then it would be a good thing if we at least lived in Scottsdale Fine Properties because its much nicer there. Go figure!


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