Dating Throwdown

Monday, February 16, 2009

Social networks have been a part of the online culture. Weather you call them generation X, Y or Z it's always going to be the new generation that is going to harness the power of connecting with friends and their friends as well.

Millions of people around the world join these networks for various reasons. This does not discount the fact that they are also looking for love. Online dating has been connecting people since the invention of the Internet. I know some of them and weather they choose to marry a foreigner or a local person it seems to find its way no matter how distance separate them. Dating is getting harder these days because there are several etiquette procedures that they don't follow. They do not really get it when you have to call the spade a spade.

Analyzing the trend of facebook dating for example makes one consider what they should do. A lot of single men are around in the US and taking your best foot forward is definitely not everything. There is nothing sweeter than a summer fling but if you find the right one then that should stay. Check out and see what's in store for you in the online dating scene.


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